07.12 2019

How to make the interior of your home a haven of peace?

How to make the interior of your home a haven of peace?

Some people say there is no place like home. In fact, home is where your heart is. It is where we can find happiness and love because our loved ones are there with us. However, our home can be a place where we learn to deal with life constraints, especially in time of troubles.

To achieve this goal, the best thing to do is to transform your home into a place of tranquility and serenity. Yet, it is possible to transform your home into a peaceful haven? Read this article and discover some helpful hints.

Start by cleaning out and reorganizing everything

It is not surprising that when you enter a messy room, you feel stressed out and worried. Serenity rhymes with tidiness. In other words, serenity comes naturally when your home is tidy. Therefore, in order to make peace reign in your home, it is necessary clean and rearrange everything.

Avoid stocking a pile of dirty laundry in your bedroom; and do not throw your dirty socks under your bed or somewhere else. After dinner, it is better to wash the dishes right away instead of leaving them on the kitchen sink until the morning. Besides, after you get up, make your bed.

Get rid of unnecessary items at home

Another helpful hint is to avoid keeping unnecessary things at home. Thus, instead of keeping a whole pile of unused clothes and other items at home, you can give them for the deprived people. The Prem Rawat (TPRF) Foundation, for example, works to provide care and help for the needy.

So, if you wish to make donations, you can contact them through their website. Unless you have a clear idea about recycling, it is not useful to keep too many unused plastic bottles of mineral water, or boxes, or any other unnecessary objects at home. In fact, keeping unused items at home will only cram the little space that you have.

Have a place for everything, and put everything back in its place

To maintain a well-organized home, the ideal is to have a place for everything and put everything back in its place. It is essential to nurture a sense of organization, which is of a great necessity to build inner peace and to succeed at work. If you know where everything is, you become more efficient in all your tasks, whether it is at home or at work.

For example, after playing, it is good to teach the children to put their toys back in their place. Thus, having a well-organized home is a key to serenity.

Harmonize the color of your interior design

Color plays an important role in setting peace at home. Colors can affect your mood. In fact, each color is associated with a different symbol. For example, black is associated with a gloomy, sad mood. In ying-yang, it is associated to darkness and negative energy. Red, which is similar to the color of blood color, is linked to very strong feelings. In contrast, white represents light, cleanliness and victory.

Blue symbolizes peace, just like still water and the sky; and green in the color for hope as it is similar to the color of green plants. This is what the peace advocate Prem Rawat said: “Create from your strength; enjoy from your heart.” Therefore, to transform your home into a peaceful haven, you have to choose the right color of your interior design, especially the walls and curtains.

Have a place for regular meditation

Meditation helps your mind to be at rest and find tranquility. In order to unwind and feel zen, it is important to meditate regularly. Besides, it helps you have a better vision of your life and your goal. If you are a believer, give a place to God in your home.

Find a small corner in your room for meditation or for daily prayer. You may need to have a small table for your spiritual book or Bible, a candleholder, and a carpet to sit on. It is of a great necessity to have a clean, well-organized spot for prayer or meditation to get ahead in your spiritual life and be at peace.