What sports to stay zen and find inner peace?

What sports to stay zen and find inner peace?

Peace is an essential part of our daily life. That is why the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, shares words of peace through his website to promote peace in the world. Beside this, sports are also among the many ways to promote well-being and serenity. We practice sports to be healthy, have a good shape, and a balance.

In fact, we need to balance our mental exercises and our physical activities. What sports are good to stay zen and find inner peace? The following article will answer this question.

Here are some sports to stay zen and find inner peace


Basketball is a collective sport; it is played in a team. It consists of taking a brisk walk, running, and jumping. To play this game, it is necessary to know how to cooperate with the other players. Basketball is popular among teenagers and young adults. The excitement you have while playing the game is necessary to boost your good mood, which is a necessary to build inner peace.

Dancing fitness exercise or zumba

Dancing fitness exercise involves exercising your body and muscles while following the rhythm of music. Zumba is a new alternative for aerobics. It can be practiced individually or with other people. The good thing about it is that it can develop your ability to coordinate your mind and body.

It promotes the elimination of stress hormones, and the production of endorphins. Thus, it helps you unwind from stress. Therefore, it helps you find calmness after at least 30 minutes of practice.

Indoor or outdoor swimming

It involves staying under the water for at least 10 minutes. Whether practiced outdoor or indoor, swimming ensures mind tranquility for many reasons: 

  • It is another efficient way to unwind; that is why it is common to go swimming in the ocean or at the swimming pool on vacation. Thus, it helps to stay zen.
  • Swimming can improve and deepen your sleep at night. You fall asleep easier after practicing.
  • Adequate sleep improves your mental outlook. Thus, it develops inner tranquility.


Yoga is a favorite among middle-aged people and the elderly. It aims at improving your overall well-being and promoting absolute serenity. Another advantage is that it creates a good balance and coordination between the mind and body. That is why it is not surprising that even after 15 minutes of practice, you can enjoy the good result.


This exercise is another good way to unwind especially if you want to be free from the weekly stress from work or studies. For example, if you go cycling in the mountains or near a lake, you can breathe fresh air, admire the landscape, and exercise your muscles.

There is nothing more zen than enjoying Nature while maintaining good physical well-being. It certainly promotes your peace within.


By practicing at least 30 minutes every week, this exercise is appropriate to help build self-confidence. You can practice at your own pace, while listening to your favorite songs on i-pod or i-phone, and enjoying the view, listening to birds' songs, especially if done near a lake or a forest. Jogging is quite invigorating and relaxing too. It certainly boosts your mind tranquility.